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Thursday 25th July 2024

About LensMaster

I have being making Gimbals for myself and friends for several years now and it was only by chance in 2010 that I decided to offer them for sale, but I soon found out there is a big difference between what a friend will accept and what people expect when buying a product.
This started many months of research and development testing many different parts for weight feel and durability.

In order to keep costs down the original Lensmaster in January 2011 was made of bright steel, this allowed the unit to be small yet have great strength, however bright steel did pose a limit on what could be done this is simply because of the weight of steel.

We had a few request's asking if we could make alloy Gimbals in the same style to save weight, it was something we had been working on and once the testing had been done I changed to an all aluminium alloy Gimbal in August 2011, it works just the same as the steel one, the main difference is 1, it is a little bigger and 2, it's lighter.
That same year (August 2011) I introduced the single arm version, the RH-1

In case you're wondering what the letters RH in RH-1 and RH-2 mean, well, my name is Rob Hardy... simple as that.

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