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Wednesday 14th April 2021

The Lensmaster Monopod Gimbal head - RH-M1

RH M 1 Gimbal

With a Monopod the horizontal rotation is made by turning the Monopod as you pan with the subject so no rotating collar is needed, this make the unit very small, light,and compact it measures just 165mm (6" 1/2" tall ) and weight's 535 Grams ( 1lb 3oz's ) so is very easy to pack in a camera bag.

The Lensmaster M1 can take many of today's current lenses, the range it's made for is from 300f4 up to and including a 500f4 with or with or without converters. It has the standard 3/8th fitting and screws directly onto your monopod.

The top control knob adjusts the friction for vertical movement giving a very fluid super smooth motion and like our other Gimbals can be adjusted in an instant.

You have two options:
The M1 head and Arca Swiss type clamp only, (ie without any plates)
The M1 head and Arca Swiss type clamp complete with two Arca Swiss type plates, a 50mm and a 140mm lens plate.

M1 Black - available with or without Plates

Height 165mm - (6 1/2"
Weight 547g (1 lb 3.3 oz)
All sizes approximate.

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