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Sunday 22nd May 2022

The Lensmaster Monopod Head - RH-M2

Introducing the Lensmaster Mono Pod Head
RH M 2 Gimbal

I came up with this idea several years ago but with the success of our other models and being a small business I did not have the time to include it into the Lensmaster range.

Like most businesses Covid has caused change of how we work and I feel it's time to bring the mono head into the range.

Machined out of a billet of aluminum with a hardened steel 3/8th thread this gimbal simply screws onto your Mono pod and takes all lenses with a Arca Swiss plate fitted to the rotating collar of your lens, the design keeps the lens as close as possible to the centre of the mono pod this reduces the tendency of the lens pulling over to the side thereby increasing stability.

Although the Mono Pod Head is tiny just 75mm (3") tall with a weight of 271g (9.6oz) it can easily hold a 600 f4 lens TCs and camera

For those that use a quick release clamp on their mono pod, just fix the supplied 50mm plate to the base of the mono head using the thread adapter now it will fit into your quick release clamp.

The Mono pod Head comes with a 50mm and 140mm Arca Swiss plates the thread adapter and instruction sheet.

As with all the Lensmaster range any maintenance is simple no tools needed.

RH M2 Gimbal

RH M2 Gimbal

There's nothing complicated about dismantling it washing it in mild soapy water adding a little grease to the bearings and reassembling - just take note of the washer/bearing sequence.

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