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Thursday 25th July 2024

LensMaster Gimbal RH 1 Gold

RH1 24kt Gold Plated Finish

There's an old saying... If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck.
Well this is not a duck or a goose that laid the golden egg...

However, it may look like a gold gimbal, it may feel like a gold gimbal and guess what! it is a 24kt Gold Gimbal.

It could be described as a trifle ostentatious, you may be thought of as egotistical,
many people may see it as just down right bling but gold has always had it place, so why not here.

Currently this is unique and possibly the only gold gimbal in the world, unless you know different.

You could say it's Worth It's Weight in Gold
You could also say it's the new Gold Standard for gimbal heads.

It's not designed to be for everyday use although it is a fully working gimbal and was made to the same size and standard specification as the powder coated gimbals that we sell on this site.

So why did we make a 24kt Gold Plated Lensmaster RH-1?... Simple really because we can.
Availble to special order. POA.

Gold Gimbal