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Thursday 25th July 2024

The LensMaster Gimbal RH-2

Lens on Gimbal or Gimble
What I wanted was a Long Lens Bracket or Gimbal Head that simply fixed directly to a Monopod or Tripod and gave me a full range of movement with my camera / lens.
After making and testing many prototypes, I have what, for me, is the perfect tool for the job, robust, super smooth with full freedom of movement and at a realistic price.

Gimbal heads are ideal for a long lens as they allow the user to move the mass of a large lens into a different position with ease, I do believe the Gimbal Head can't be beaten for subjects that have erratic movement, and should the subject stop the friction controls hold the lens in position.

The main body is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is then treated and Powder coated with a satin scratch resistant finish.
Attached to this is an Arca Swiss type clamp.

One large soft touch control knob operates the friction control for the vertical movement and another, working in the same way, for the horizontal movement, thus allowing the user to lock the lens in any position, or by releasing the pressure on the knobs give movement, e.g. when tracking birds in flight.

The Gimbal has a hardened steel standard 3/8" fitting that you simply screw onto your Tripod or Monopod ensuring it is fixed securely.

The LensMaster Gimbal Demo

Setting up is very simple:

First mount the Gimbal Head on the Tripod / Monopod then tighten the adjuster knob.

Then attach the lens to the quick release plate making sure it is secure and locked in place.

Holding the lens, move the lens forward or backwards in the quick release plate to find the balance of the lens / camera in use. What you are looking for is a point were the lens and camera sit on the plate without tipping either forward or backwards. Then tighten the quick release to lock the lens in position.

Gimbal on Tripod

That's it! - From now on the vertical movement is controlled by the soft touch adjuster knob and the horizontal movement is controlled by it's adjuster knob.

The LensMaster Gimbal is very easy to maintain. In the event of using in sandy or muddy conditions, it is easy to clean:

There's nothing complicated about dismantling it washing it in mild soapy water adding a little grease to the bearings and reassembling - just take note of the washer/bearing sequence.

Specification: All sizes approx.
Height - 250mm - 9 3/4"
Width - 220mm - 8 3/4"
Deep - 60mm - 2 1/4"
Weight - 1.19 kg (2 lb 10 oz)
Max Static Load - 45kgs - 100 lbs

LensMaster Gimbal Head - hand made in the UK

buy your gimbal here
Price includes one Arca Swiss type clamp and two lens plates.
Available in Black or Silver Grey with Black Vein