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Thursday 25th July 2024

What Others say about the Lensmaster Gimbals

Rather than use edited testimonials, below are some links to independent forum threads where real people are discussing what they think about the Lensmaster gimbal heads so you can judge for yourself.

Affordable Gimbal Head - You might try looking at the Lens Master UK RH-2
I've owned one for 3 yrs now and it's worked well for me.

LensMaster RH-2 Gimbal Head - Review - Apart from function, the serviceability of my equipment in the field is also important to me. That’s one reason why I was especially interested in the brand LensMaster and its RH-2 gimbal head.

Lensmaster RH-1 Gimbal Head review by Keith1616 - "After trawling the net for an affordable (to me) gimbal head to mount my Sigma 150-500mm lens on I was getting a little despondent."

Gear Review: Lensmaster Gimbal RH-2 Tripod Head - The Lensmaster Gimbal is high quality gimbal head that is ideal for long lens photography or digiscoping.
It is solid, well made and affords the flexibility and benefits of a full gimbal head at a price that won't break the bank.
I was genuinely impressed with the smoothness of panning and tilting, and found the Lensmaster a joy to use both for digiscoping and for normal "scoping" - which is something I wasn't expecting.

LensMaster Gimbal RH-2 Full Review - An in depth look at the LensMaster RH2 gimbal by Fred Hurteau, who for many years has been a serious advocate of the Manfrotto 393... and still is of the Manfrotto 357 plate, so for now you can read how Fred can have his cake and eat it too.

Gimbal - Got my Lensmaster a few months ago based upon recommendations from other "hoggers". It never comes off my tripod now. I love this thing. Excellent quality too.

Gimbal Heads - Question - Which gimbal head to buy? Especially for BIF. - Read what members of the Ugly Hedgehog forum think about Gimbals

Look at Gimbals as an alternative - When I looked into getting one, I checked out many and took six months researching them before buying...
I tried Benro, Wimberley, Indian and Chinese as well as the unusual Manfrotto lens "bracket", When all was done I chose a "Lensmaster RH2"

USA Buyer - RH-2 Gimbal - Mountain man said:- I bought it to add some more stability when I shoot my 400mm 5.6 on my canon 7d with grip.
This unit is super simple and is built like a tank! I am very impressed so far. Granted, I am not using a super telephoto lens(should be buying one this summer), it is way more than enough for my needs. Can't complain about the $280 shipped price!

Gimbal Head suggestions needed - "thinking of getting a gimbal head, I use Manfrotto 055 XBPRO tripod"

Gimbal Head suggestions needed - Page 3 - Bruce with a Canon said: "This unit is robust as well as precise. Wonderfully constructed, SOLID! - As a barometer, I build avionics equipment for combat aircraft, targeting system and launch control components. I am familiar with quality products.
At this juncture I would recomend this reasonably priced high quality gimbal."

Gimble head - Gimbal head from Lensmaster RH 1 or RH 2, which has the more flexbility of use?

Lensmaster gimbal head - An Oz review - Why he wanted a Lensmaster gimbal when he already had a Wimberley.

Just taken delivery of my Gimbal - Tord says - "Yes Lensmaster products have high quality, are well designed, nice to operate and all at a reasonable price tag."

Tripod for Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 - craggycrossers said "if you look at gimbals be sure to take a good look at the RH-2 on this site" ... "I have one, have met the guy who makes them and can strongly recommend his product - be sure to watch the video - don't know where you are located but this guy is well accustomed to sending product to the USA."

LensMaster Gimbal RH 1 - Recently went on a bird photography course to Norfolk and was looking for a Gimbal head.
I am using a Canon 7d + 400mm 5.6L, have tried ball heads etc... but they are awkward for moving birds on branches let alone for BIF shots.
I have seen various write ups for expensive Gimbal heads costing £400+ which seemed overkill for my set up. I have also seen other write ups on here for Lensmaster Gimbal heads which were very positive. - On the basis of this I ordered a RH1 unit, it arrived promptly, build quality is good and it comes with all the necessary parts to mount the camera/lens.
The most important thing is that it works really well, so much easier to track the bird as it hops along the branches or in full flight. I compared the action of the RH1 unit to other more expensive alternatives used by others on the course and I was well chuffed.

Gimbal head for Sigma 150-500 - I've spent several days searching the internet for a mid priced gimbal head.

Is this the Ultimate Christmas present - Gold Gimbal

LensMaster Gimbal RH 1 - I have also seen other write ups on here for Lensmaster Gimbal heads which were very positive. On the basis of this I ordered a RH1 unit, it arrived promptly, build quality is good and it comes with all the necessary parts to mount the camera/lens.
The most important thing is that it works really well, so much easier to track the bird as it hops along the branches or in full flight.

Tripod and Ballhead - You told me that you have a big one. This might help you support it

Gimbal heads. Seriously consider a Lensmaster - I've read good things about them, and looking at the specs, photos and details, they are probably better built than almost all of the others mentioned, with the exception of Wimberley and RRS. Furthermore, it's coming from Lincolnshire..

Lensmaster Gimbal - Saving up to get the Lensmaster Gimbal to be used on a Manfrotto 681B monopod

Manfrotto 393 or Lensmaster Gimbal -

Lensmaster Gimbal Head - I just want to share my experience of using a Lensmaster Gimbal R2Hs gimbal head.

Review of the RH-1 - Honest comments, the good the bad and the ugly

Best tripod head for BIF - here's the solution.

Ball Head v Gimbal - I do a lot of birds in flight photos and need a ball head that will swivel in all directions quickly

Head for Tripod - "I would like some advice on whether to get a gimbal head or a geared 3 way head" - "Well that is the easiest question to answer."

Tripod - I do have Manfrotto ball heads and pan/tilt but my monopod and Giottos legs have model 1 and 2 LENSMASTER gimbals.

What are the best tripods - Page 1 - "I have both the Lensmaster 1 and 2 gimbals and Maqnfrotto/Giottos legs"

What are the best tripods - Page 2 - "All my surfing shots on my site are taken with this setup"

Which Head to use if any? - with a monopod - What type head to use when shooting football from the side lines using a mono-pod?

Need help choosing a gimbal head - Tried my tripod and ball head, but it lacks the delicate movement needed. Anyone have a suggestion for a (reasonably priced, I would like to stay close to $200) quality gimbal for use on either a tripod or monopod? Or suggestions on heads to avoid?

- ROB Replys to a comment about the height adjustment

Nikon 200-500 f5.6 with a Gimbal Head. - David Tothill comments on the Lensmaster gimbal via his youtube channel

Feedback on Lensmaster RH-1, RH-2 or Wimberley SideKick Gimbals - To all, like everyone else with a new longer telephoto lens I am considering buying some kind of gimbal. While I know the Wimberley is suppost to be best in class I came upon the Lensmaster products in the UK based on the recommendation of another POTN member.

Just taken delivery of my Gimbal - "It is very substantial but light with very smooth mechanisms which can be quickly dismantled for maintenance, and it comes complete with an Arca style clamp and two plates, so it is ready to go. "

Tripod and wimberley style head - The RH-1 has been tested up to 22kg -50lbs the RH-2 up to 45kg 100lbs aprox

Lensmaster - I have just received the RH-2 gimbal head. It arrived the following day after my order and after most helpful conversation with Rob about which version I should use. I posed an e mail question about lens plates to which he responded immediately by telephone on a Sunday.

Gimbal Triopd Mounts - Advice - clixpix said: "I am considering getting a gimbal head for my tripod and telephoto lenses"
craggycrossers replied: "Take a look at the Lensmaster RH-2 be sure to look at the video."

Pics of tripod for MT Shooter -

What Tripod for a D600 with a Sigma 150-500mm Lens -

Tripod, Tripod, which Tripod? - That is because most who buy "legs" then look at Heads as that is a different matter all together, I have Ball and socket, pan and tilt but rarely use anything other than my Lensmaster Gimbals, in fact others here have also bought them

Need Good Tripod for Lensmaster RH-2 Gimble - Bruce replied - "I use the RH2 on a Manfrotto 055XPROB and I find it very stable using a Canon 1D Mk2 or a 60D with 100-400 lens"

Sorry JR1 - I promise I tried using the search section first!!! - I need a tripod and head.

Wer hat Erfahrungen mit diesen Gerätschaften - Preislich interessant erscheinen mir

LensMaster Gimbal Head - I will state I have no connections with this company first. - Looking for a Gimbal head, I found a UK company making one, LensMaster. I can't compare to any other make, but it works superbly and is relatively cheap.

Tripod heads - bcheary asked: "Which would be the better head for a long lens to be mounted on a Manfrotto 3221W tripod. The Manfrotto 3030 or the Beike gimbal?"
Jblanke replied: "I am an RH-2 LensMaster very satisfied customer. I used this year during the migratory season and it is a great alternative to substantially more expensive counter parts. It is hand made in the UK with classic fit and finish and it is both smooth as silk and built to last.
I could not be happier with it."

Need a gimbal head for a Manfrotto - craggycrossers said: Here's another vote for the Lensmaster RH-2 which fulfills all MT's criteria, is terrific value for money, and is increasingly being purchased now by UHH members in the USA. Be sure to watch the video to see how the Lensmaster balances and holds the position you leave it in.

Giottos vs Manfrotto - Yes there are lots of tripod posts but I'm gonna ask anyway!!! Looking for a dedicated tripod for my Nikon D90 with a Sigma 150-500mm lens, Lensmaster RH-2 gimble head. I understand what opinions are and that everyone has one. I would like to hear pros and cons on the Giottos MT8350 carbon fiber legs and the Manfrotto 055xpro aluminum legs.

Belt strap or swing bag set up advice needed with a freaking big heavy zoom lens - ScreamingSwifts said: I can't help with any of your sling/bag enquiries, However, I did get this gimbal recently for my monopod a Lensmaster RH-1
It works very well with this lens, it's a nice compact size, lightweight, and a good price.
I have used it tracking surfers and birds in flight and have been very happy with it so far.
The service from the company was also very fast and efficient

Gimbal Head and a very nice man :) -

Nikon MF 500mm lens support -

Shoulder Mount, idea for a wheelchair -

Just got a new Sigma 150-500 Bigma -

Gitzo GT3540L tripod, for a canon 600mm -

Ball Heads - Rusty Nails asked: "I am using a Cannon 6d with 100 - 400 lens and looking to buy a Manfrotto 055xprob tripod. UG recommendation as one of the best, any recommendations for the head? I do birding, air show shots a lot"
Db7423 replied: "Have you considered a gimbal?"
JR1 replied: "Lensmaster all the way... "

Gimbals - First a question. Has anyone out there got a gimbal?

Seth Ellis - A customers review of the Lensmaster Gimbal Head and Induro AT313 Tripod

RH-2 Gimbal - Review - A slightly bigger custom made gimbal for the the Sigma 300-800 f5.6 lens.