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Tuesday 3rd August 2021

The Lensmaster Traveller - T1

the t1

The Traveller was made for those who need a very compact lightweight sidemount Gimbal, one that can fit in a pocket or a small bag, with a height of just 6" 1/2" inches and weighing in at 1.3 lbs this is the smallest gimbal in its class, further more because all Lensmaster Gimbals can be taken apart by the user it can be made even smaller for travelling and then assembled in less than 60 seconds (no tools are required ) but it's so compact I doubt anyone would need to do that.

Although small this sidmount Gimbal can hold the longer super telephoto lenses such as 300F2.8 - 500F4- 600F4 -800f5.6 with or without converters it can also take a small lens such as a 50mmf1.8 or 17/85 f4/5.6 using the supplied L bracket (Note this does not make it work like a RH-2) the L bracket is not made to swing, it sits on the bottom control knob.
size guide
Because large lenses have a long body and are front heavy this puts the camera well back from the tripod / monopod this allows lots of vertical movement and as with the RH-1 and RH-2 the rotating collar take's care of the panning movement.

The Lensmaster traveller is based on the Lensmaster RH-1 design (It is not made to replace it) its small compact size does not offer as much vertical movement as the RH-1
So smaller lenses such as a 70/200 zoom would be very restricted in vertical movement.

The clamp is the standard Arca Swiss type and is supplied with 50mm and 140mm lens plates and the L Bracket, the tripod fitting is 3/8th and along with our other Gimbals we do supply a 1/4 thread adaptor in the kit for tripod's that have a 1/4 stud.

The Lensmaster Traveller is aimed at the photographer that may already have a full sized gimbal but needs something that is small and light for traveling or hiking or for the times when a gimbal is needed but the weight of a full gimbal is just too much, although very small this sidemount gimbal is very much at home with large lenses and like its predecessors offers super smooth operation with a large range of movement in fact this is the first gimbal that can achieve 360% vertical movement as well as 360% horizontal, by reversing the arca clamp so it is on the outside this allows your camera and lens too fully rotate.

The setup for 360% does require a sturdy tripod and a camera bag or the like to act as a counter weight.

The clamp is a standard Arca Swiss type and is supplied with a 50mm and 140mm lens plate and an L bracket, the tripod fitting is 3/8th and along with our other Gimbals we do supply a 1/4 thread adaptor in the kit.

Height 6 1/2"
Weight 535g (1 lb 2.9 oz)

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